Niccole Webster
Mar 27, 2024

Lance puts on an amazing show and will blow you away with his skill of magic!! For all ages and makes everyone feel like they are part of the show. I've personally used him 3 times and would recommend to anyone. Book him today!! You won't regret it.

Lindsay Johnson
Mar 12, 2024

Lance is amazing! So funny and fun. My twins LOVED having him at their birthday party 🎉 Would 100% recommend!!!

Anne CheeneyAnne & Fam
Mar 6, 2024

Lance is a wonderful magician and amazing entertainer! He is great for all ages and he can work a crowd like NO other! We loved having him for our event and will do so again.

Mar 3, 2024

We saw Lance perform in SLC at the off road expo. It was so fun and entertaining. We could have watched him for hours. Such a fun show!

Ronald H LevineRonald H Levine
Mar 2, 2024

Not authentic magic tricks! This guy is using supernatural powers!

Kory WatkinsDRP Machine
Mar 2, 2024

Great entertainment. 👍

Timothy JacksonTimothy Jackson
Feb 15, 2024

This guy is great!

Scott RasmussenScott Rasmussen
Feb 12, 2024

I spent an hour tonight with Lance at a company party and he was outstanding. I would highly recommend him, very funny, professional, and lots of really, really, good magic and humor!

Camille Cluff
Feb 9, 2024

Lance is funny and really entertaining. He does some awesome tricks, and I would highly recommend him!

Patty Rasmussen
Feb 7, 2024

Lance was really entertaining tonight. We had a great time with him at a company function.

Nathan Hallam
Feb 6, 2024

Very funny, very personable, and genuinely great at magic! Highly recommend him! Great experience overall. Plus he made amazing balloon animals for all the kids! Super fun.

Daniel MahlbergDaniel Mahlberg
Feb 6, 2024

Went to his show it was incredible highly recommend!

Feb 6, 2024

So talented and funny!! Really enjoyed his performance!

Tanner McKean (Lurpatron)Tanner McKean (Lurpatron)
Feb 6, 2024

Lance was hilarious and talented! Thanks for the show tonight!

Riley Hatch
Jan 6, 2024

We had Lance come for our company party and I haven't heard a bad review from any of our employees. We had a blast and he was super fun. Thank you Lance for putting on a great show!

Isaac Marshall
Nov 6, 2023

Such a fun birthday party!

James DebenhamJames Debenham
Nov 6, 2023

Everyone from age 1 to 65 absolutely loved his show.

Derek Bradley
Sep 9, 2023

Lance is an awesome showman, he is funny, engaging, and honestly does some awesome performances. We have had him do our daughters birthday party, and family parties

Redd Coltrane Ingram
Aug 31, 2023

Best magician I’ve seen!!

Daeil Kim (Xylograph Films)Daeil Kim (Xylograph Films)
Aug 31, 2023

The best!!!

Julie SchuldtJulie Schuldt
Aug 31, 2023

WOW! He had lots of great tricks, and one final trick that I truly have no idea how he did. He really feels like magic. Also, super sweet guy, he added lots of humor and storytelling. AMAZING!

Carter ChristophersonCarter Christopherson
Aug 17, 2023

Fantastic, all the kids (and adults) had a great time. Best show I've seen in years!

Annika Schmidt
Aug 10, 2023

My mind was blown. It was so cool and interesting to see magic happen! Recommend it to anybody:)

Jan Strong
Aug 10, 2023

Lance's magic show is pure delight and intrigue from start to finish! Perfect for kids any age and adults any age! Appropriate, talented and first rate!

Kamie TindallKamie Tindall
Aug 5, 2023

I have seen him perform a few times and am absolutely mind blown every time! Great tricks and AMAZING talent! He was great with every age in the audience!! Definitely recommend for any occasion!!

Mikaela TindallMikaela Tindall
Aug 5, 2023

He is absolutely amazing at what he does! it is crazy how much Lance knows! can’t wait to watch another show!!!

Samantha NielsenSamantha Nielsen
Jul 24, 2023
Scott Nielsen
Jul 23, 2023

Had Lance do a 24th of July event for altamont utah it was amazing everyone loved him kids and adults!!!!!

William “Billy” Wade
Jul 18, 2023

Wow! Best show I’ve ever seen in Vegas!

Mackenzie HendricksMackenzie Hendricks
Jul 18, 2023

Really incredible magic show and entertainer! I was blown away by the magic tricks and couldn't stop laughing throughout. Would definitely recommend! Check this guy out!

Bruce McLelland
Jul 18, 2023

Saw Lance's magic show tonight in Las Vegas. Very entertaining and enjoyable magic show.

Brooke WallaceBrooke Wallace
Jun 27, 2023

Lance is incredible! He has performed at our Pumpkin Patch client events, and he steals the show every time! He is extremely engaging while he performs and makes it enjoyable for all ages. Even the adults rave about him. We would recommend Lance without any hesitation!

Dawn Dodson
Jun 23, 2023

I had Lance come and perform for a church activity held for women and their children and grandchildren! We were all laughing and fully captivated by his humor and magic!! He invited several adults and children to participate with him!! It was soooo much fun! We didn’t want the show to end! I will definitely keep Lance’s number handy for any future work, church or family activities!! Great man! Great feeling!! Great experience!!

Tiffany Tuck
Jun 9, 2023

As a principal of an elementary school, we've had Lance Nielsen come to multiple school events. He does an amazing job and if there is a message that is needed to be shared educationally, he will tailor his presentation to meet that need! I would recommend him for any magic show as the kids and adults love to watch him perform. The shock and awe that you will certainly see are definitely worth it!

Sara Argyle-WertzSara Argyle-Wertz
May 23, 2023

We have had Lance do a few shows for our family and have always really enjoyed them. Last month we had him come perform for my 5 year olds birthday party. It was awesome. The kids loved it and the birthday girl really loved it. She got to take home a few different things especially got her. Price was great . Would totally recommend Lance.

Tym Gilbertson
Apr 23, 2023

We booked him for our family Christmas Party. Large family of 50 or so. All age groups from 3-92. Lance did one of the best performances I have ever seen. He had the full range of magic tricks and he was able to get all members of the audience to participate. He even stuck around and did balloon animals after the show. Would recommend for everyone.