This is a testimonial from my Mother Marelyn Nielsen, she spoke with a former co worker they were talking about there kids and mom mentioned to Justin that I did Magic, Justin said that his oldest son wanted to go to Vegas to see Chris Angel, my dear mother said why not give Lance a call and have him come and do a private show for you, it will save you a lot of money and he is just as good, (Oh Mom) well Justin Called me and we set it up. I do think that he was not expecting what he received and this is his email to my Mother:

Marelyn you didn't brag him up enough!! He was so amazing. When he did his first trick I went looking for another $20.00 because I felt like he deserved more money. Thank you so much for telling me about him. He was also so great to encourage our boy to do magic and shared a lot of the books and DVDs he has used over the years. He even gave our son his own magic book. I need to buy you lunch next time for such a good time. You raised a great son and I was so impressed with his sincere and caring attitude toward our family.